Date:November 09, 2012

Coconut Beverages & Oils

Providing coconut beverages and oils harvested by hand from fields and plantations in Southeast Asia.

Coconut Water: Organic and All Natural

We work with factories located in the most famous coconut growing area of Thailand, which produce organic and all natural coconut water and flavored coconut juices. Coconut water has been a natural choice for hydration along with many other health benefits – it is fat-free, cholesterol-free and contains essential electrolytes to fuel your mind and body.

Coconut Oils: Fresh and Delicious

Coconut oil is a year round, growing opportunity. We partner with a first class supplier who offers a wide range of delicious artisan oils from around the world. Their coconut oils are made from organic coconuts harvested by hand within four days, providing the freshest benefits. Using expeller-pressed extraction results in a high quality refined coconut oil, harvested naturally without chemicals. These premier oils can be used in cooking or baking as a healthy alternative for butter or shortening, or as a natural moisturizer for hair and skin.