Date:November 09, 2012

Mediterranean Foods

By leveraging the company’s Italian roots we can work with you to build a custom private brand pasta solution offering a wide variety of products. Using Italian pantry staples such as pasta, olive oils, and balsamic vinegar to more specialized ingredients and finished meals – we can supply it all.


Our supplier works with the best mills and pasta plants in Italy, offering in excess of 100 different pasta cuts using bronze or Teflon dies. Utilizing the Italian craft of creating premium pasta certified to the USDA’s National Organic Program, our supplier mills and blends the wheat to your qualify specifications, including a variety of pasta options such as whole wheat, filled, dry, fresh, with eggs, and organic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The world of olive oil is changing quickly with differences in consumer taste profiles and increased curiosity in different types of oils. Sabre has helped many leading retailers provide unique, high quality olive oil sets in their private brand lines. Using specialized varieties from Italy, Spain or even California – Sabre knows how to provide a Gold Medal winning set.